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New Year’s Resolutions: How’s It Going?

Well, here we are, a month into the new year. Many of us began 2021 with plans and aspirations – resolutions to do better, to be better. Did you make any resolutions? How’s it going?

According to the website, the top five most common resolutions are:

  • Exercise more
  • Lose weight
  • Get organized
  • Learn a new skill or hobby 
  • Live life to the fullest

Changing behaviors is hard. It takes discipline and a strong will. It means taking that first, difficult step and continuing to move forward, reaching toward the goal. It involves setbacks, slip-ups and disappointment in ourselves. But we know that consistency is the key to whatever is important in our lives.

I think the first four on this list, while difficult to achieve, are fairly simple to define and measure. We know what the scale says and if we are getting our steps in; whether our calendars, desks and closets are organized; if we are learning something new. But that last one – “live life to the fullest” – what does that mean?

Winston Churchill said, “It should not be enough to have lived. We should be determined to live for something.” Psychology Today cites research that found lots of examples of how doing good – living for something -- feels good, and also does us good. According to the research, the boosting of well-being and lowering-of-depression benefits of volunteering have been repeatedly documented. Also confirmed by the study is the sense of purpose and meaning that comes along with “doing good.” Even when looking at how we spend our money, spending it on others leads to increased happiness compared to spending it on ourselves. Moreover, researchers have found evidence from MRI studies suggesting a link between generosity and happiness in the brain. For example, donating money to charitable organizations activates the same regions of the brain that are activated by monetary rewards or physical intimacy.[1]

How are you living life to the fullest this year? Hall-Dawson CASA wants to partner with you and be a part of you living your best life. Will you join us to Change a Child’s Story? I can almost guarantee you – and the science backs me up – that you will receive more than you give when you help a child in need. Give us a call today at 770-531-1964.