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Hall-Dawson CASA’s 2021 Impact

Impact Report

Our team is pleased to share with you our 2021 Annual Impact Report! On pages of this report, you will find the names of our dedicated CASA Volunteers and board members, financial supporters, and a summary of our financials including expenses and sources of revenue and support. You’ll see the number of children for whom our CASA Volunteers advocated and how many achieved permanency. You’ll read stories about the resiliency of children, and the ways our CASA Volunteers are serving our community’s most vulnerable children, as well as powerful quotes from stakeholders: foster parents, CASA Volunteers, a board member and a judge. We shared news of milestones, activities and events, and ways to support our advocacy for children.

Among all the names, numbers and statistics, though, I hope that you will remember this: behind each number is a child, a family, a promising future. And there is a CASA Volunteer who sees, hears and advocates for what is in the best interest of that child.

About 375 of our community’s children woke up in foster care this morning. Because we have such a shortage of foster homes in our community, many of these are placed all across Georgia, some as far away as Savannah. They are far away from their school, friends, beloved pets and grandparents. A CASA Volunteer is a vital link and lifeline for a child, helping them move from a chaotic present to a promising future.

Here are some of the things we celebrate in our annual report:

  • 108 children who experienced juvenile court intervention because of abuse or neglect achieved permanency in 2021.
  • Women Working Wonders (WWW), a group of women who support CASA and the children we serve, stood in the gap for children by providing chrome books, ink and paper, afterschool activities and fees, help with orthodontics, and football, basketball and cheer camps. These are things that there are no other resources for, and they help create a sense of normalcy for our kids who feel anything but normal.
  • One of our CASA Volunteers celebrated 20 years of advocating for children through her work as a CASA Volunteer! This is amazing!


  • We recognize our 2021 CASA Volunteer of the Year for the dedication and perseverance she exhibits in her work for our kids.

These are just the highlights. I hope you will take a few moments to read the stories – to see the strength and resilience that we see in the children we serve, and in the CASA Volunteers who advocate for them. I hope you will see the power of community coming together to make a difference. I hope you will consider what your role is in ensuring that our community’s most vulnerable children have the right to a safe placement and permanent home. We need you. Won’t you join us?