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Walking Alone

Walking alone.

We are not meant to walk alone, travel through life by ourselves, create a story with one character.  This is not to be confused with the difference between being an introvert or an extrovert.  There are times when we are happy to be by ourselves, and sometimes we wish for the company of others.  Solitude can be helpful to clear our mind, relieve stress and restore energy which is very different than feeling lonely, isolated, exclusive of anyone or anything else.  Being alone is a physical state, being lonely is an emotional state. 

Children who are displaced often leave their physical things behind.  A favorite blanket, clothes, track shoes, sometimes siblings, the only family they know. This may be for good reason.  In that very moment, can you imagine the immense sense of loss a child feels, regardless of the circumstances? The overwhelming sense of uncertainty and fear.  In reality, there may be someone holding their hand as they walk to the car. There may be someone standing in the doorway of their temporary home with a warm smile and there will likely be helpful strangers whispering about the next step in the process. Physically, these children are not alone.  Who is truly present, in the moment with these children?  Who is ready to walk along side of them physically and emotionally?  The answer, a CASA Volunteer. 

A CASA Volunteer walks alongside a child experiencing foster care and advocates for what is in their best interest.  Through wind, rain and sunny weather.  A CASA Volunteer walks alongside a child experiencing foster care with hope in their heart and hope to share.  A CASA Volunteer walks alongside a child experiencing foster care physically and emotionally.  Gathering information from all the adults in the child’s life, attending meetings at school, preparing a report so the judge has the information needed to make the best decisions for the child’s future. Holding hands, wiping tears and mending broken hearts.  Imagine interrupting a foster child’s sense of loneliness, isolation and filling their hearts with hope, promise and helping them face challenges with courage and resilience.   

Consider walking alongside a child experiencing foster care.  Change a Child’s Story, because no one is meant to walk alone.   

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