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A Future Worth Fighting For

Keyla's family

A Future Worth Fighting For

When I was young, I grew up in a big family with nine brothers and sisters and two loving parents. My parents were always there for us, tending to our every need. I look back and appreciate all that they did for us to keep us safe and well. There was always food on the table and plenty of loving memories to cherish. Being in my position at CASA means that I can guide volunteers to give children a life they deserve.

Many families are made up of single parents or blended families, and sometimes the devoted care of a child shies away from the main priority, as a result children are neglected, abused, or abandoned. However, children always need to be cared for and nurtured emotionally, physically, mentally, and educationally. CASA Volunteers step in during a chaotic time in a child’s life to ensure their needs are met.

Working with CASA made me realize that this is my passion. I love to empower volunteers and assist them in taking the extra step to learn about a child’s individual needs. Each child is different and unique. They have talents, dreams, and hope. Most importantly, these children have voices that are so often silenced. I train and develop volunteers to scope out the needs of every individual child. We work to create an action plan in order to give a child the life they deserve, without life circumstances getting in the way. Nothing brings me more joy than watching our volunteers stand up for the children we work hard to protect.

These children are our future, the next generation of our world. We must ensure they are not deprived of a future. We must stand up and be their voice. For them. For a better world. Every day I lead volunteers as they shape the lives of children in our community. At times, the things we see and hear can be difficult. But changing the life of a child makes it a million times worth it.

As children raised in a developing country, my siblings and I encountered many obstacles yet, our parents protected and provided for us.  I would not change it for anything. We now get together, look back at our lives and thank our parents for being protective and caring.  I hope that all children thrive with loving memories to cherish as I have.