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“Who we are is what we do with what we have.” -Tiffany Ervin, Keynote Speaker, Television/Radio Host, Rotarian

Are you a problem solver, seeker of information, trust builder?  Children experiencing foster care who have lived in unstable homes often develop a sense of alertness, guard their emotions, and struggle with allowing people into their world.  Disappointment, fear, abuse, neglect are often constants in their lives. Their pain, physical and emotional, can have lasting effects that carry into adulthood.  A fear of abandonment can lead to fear of connecting with others.  You can help. You can be a consistent adult in their life who shows up, ensures they are safe, their needs are met and let them know they matter. 

Help abused or neglected children through what may be the most challenging time in their life.  Help the most vulnerable children in our community learn to trust, build resilience and thrive. Advocate for their best interest, ensure their right to a safe placement and a permanent home.

CASA Volunteers work with children and their families requiring court intervention because of abuse or neglect. 

CASA Volunteers:

Gather Information – Carry out an objective examination of the situation including relevant history, environment, relationships and the needs of the child.

Facilitate – Based on the information gathering process, identify appropriate resources and services for the child and family.

Advocate– Speak up for the child by making fact-based recommendations regarding the child’s best interest in a written court report.

Monitor – Track the orders of the court and plans of the child protective agency regarding fulfillment of treatment and services plans for all parties.


Can learn more by submitting a Volunteer Inquiry form.

Can learn more by viewing our Voice of a Volunteer video.

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You can do this.

Take what you have, share who you are and Change a Child’s story.